Scary Augmented Reailty Mask

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Augmented masks are here for Interactive Augmented Reality filters. Multiple filters for extra fun. Each filter have its unique and colorful scene that can be driven around and have fun.

These masks are laminated for keeping away the glare yet making it extra durable, suitable for kids of all ages.

How to use

  • Download the DigiBooks app from the links on the home page for your phone.
  • Open the Application by clicking on the DigiBooks App.
  • Wear the Digibooks AR Mask.
  • Point the camera on person face wearing the mask.
  • The app will track the 3D augmented reality scene along with the Animations on the screen of the phone.
  • Use different screen filters to use the views.
  • Have fun and explore the virtual 3D space with your mask.
  • Capture a screenshot for the camera icon in the application and share with friends and family.


These masks are designed with thick paper, making it hard-wearing. Each mask measures to be fitted for a child face and have a hat on the top, featuring attractive, large and bold animations with bright and colorful colors to keep your little one engaged in the AR experience. Suitable for ages 3-12, these masks form the the best augmented reality for your child’s formative years of learning.