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// Scary AR Mask
  • Download the DigiBooks app from the links on the home page for your phone.
  • Open the Application by clicking on the DigiBooks App.
  • Wear the Digibooks AR Mask.
  • Point the camera on person face wearing the mask.
  • The app will track the 3D augmented reality scene along with the Animations on the screen of the phone.
  • Use different screen filters to use the views.
  • Have fun and explore the virtual 3D space with your mask.
  • Capture a screenshot for the camera icon in the application and share with friends and family.

3D Interation with the real world

DigiPint prides itself as leaders in the AR books for kids, unlocking the solution to address today’s reading challenges. DigiPint has transformed reading into a 3-Dimensional, AR interactive learning experience. With DigiPint, not only kids but the adults are finally reading more. Digibooks is brought to you by DigiPint. DigiPint delivers XR apps in key content categories, by combining a proprietary tech platform, exclusive content, cross-platform distribution and a global creative network.

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Augmented Reality Books by Introducing Volume 1 of “Farm Animals” and “Urban Building” DigiBooks. You would love it as much as your kids.

DigiPint develop Virtual reality and Augmented Reality content for people of all ages to enjoy. Mobile phones and tabs are essential form of communication and interactive tools of today and even more so of the times to come. 
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Kids today are reading less while having more unproductive screen time. With our mission to encourage a love of reading we introduced XR technology into reading. Bookful uses unique Augmented Reality technology to bring books and characters to life in a real-life enviornment, transforming reading into an interactive and immersive experience.

// AR Education

What are the benefits of AR in education?

1. AR allows children to actively interact both with tangible and digital tools.
2. Children are observed to be engaged and motivated to learn while using AR.
3. Children relate the information they see on the screen with the familiar physical environment they are already in and their daily lives.
4. AR creates an environment for children to discuss and play together with their friends.

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Creating A Magical,Playful
Universe For Book Lovers

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Our Augmented reality apps, aimed at allowing end-users and educators to create AR experiences, Our Apps are totally free to download and test on the web for everyone to explore the augmented books.